There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” -Colin Powell, Former U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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Written Testimonials

Angela Shoffner – SEO Rocket
“Kurt and Mary Ann Hauser with Serendipity Coaching/Action Coach started coaching my family owned company 2 years ago. Since then we have increased the number of employees from 2 to 9 (and growing!), increased sales by 300% and now have a very efficient, process oriented and organized business. We owe all of this to the guidance, accountability and leadership given to us by these two hard working, experienced coaches. As a business owner, I happily refer them all the time and owe a good deal of our growth and success to their business insight and coaching!”

Sarah Holmes – Apex Video Productions
“Since working with Coach Mary Ann, I just feel safe in my business, because anything that comes up, I can take it to her and know that I’ll get excellent advice. Anyone that is looking for a business coach, I highly recommend that they taker her up on her offer to sit down with them to see if she is a good fit for them. I have no doubt that she can help any business take off!”

Lane Jones – Fresh Take on Copy
“She is strategic in leading you to where you want and need to go, she is not trying to make me be like the next business person.”

Darryl Whicker – Hydration Specialist

“Mary Ann is a great Action Coach. She has helped me tremendously in the direction of my company in the past 2 years. Mary Ann doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but she tells you what you must do to get to your goals. I’ve recommended Mary Ann to several of my business friends, and clients. Thank you, Mary Ann for helping me and my business succeed!”

Robert Moreau – Bib’s Downtown
“If you own or operate a business, big or small, you have probably woken up one morning to find yourself all alone in the fight to keep your business thriving with positive growth, cash flow, profitability and more. With Action Coach and Coach Mary Ann Hauser in my corner, I had the backup and partnership I needed to relieve all the stresses of running my own profitable business. I had that third party partnership to help me plan and implement strategies to relieve those day to day stresses. Now I consistently move towards having a business that runs itself rather than run ME!”

Jeff Federico – Zoom
“As a business owner, she is exactly who you want to surround yourself with to force yourself to grow and to go to that next step. A lot of times as a small business we get complacent, and an ActionCOACH can show what can be rather than just feeling stuck where you are.”

Teddy Burris
“I’ve attended ActionCOACH seminars that Mary Ann has hosted. Each of the seminars I have attended have been well organized and packed full of useful information. Mary Ann manages to bring together groups of business owners who share ideas and engage in a way that we all benefit from the conversations. In summary, if you have a small business and have not experienced an ActionCOACH Seminar with Mary Ann and Kurt Hauser, I encourage you to do so. “



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